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Dental Implants in Beaumont, AB

Dr. Dan Dental’s Tooth Implant Services

Dr. Dan Dental provides a host of cosmetic & restorative dentistry services, including dental implants. This procedure can improve the lives of patients in more ways than one. Dr. Dan Dental’s tooth implant procedure enables us to restore strength, looks, and functionality to jawlines with absent teeth. Dental implants are a perfect way to counteract the negative impact that comes with missing teeth. Whether you have difficulty eating or you feel self-conscious when you smile, dental implants can help. For a dental implant consult, contact Dr. Dan Dental today.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth and can be used as a permanent alternative to bridges. They are as strong as regular teeth, and with proper hygiene and maintenance, they last for years. More importantly, they look like natural teeth, and a strong titanium root supports them at the gum line. Their strength allows patients to eat as they used to, as well as engage socially with more confidence. Missing teeth can cause an array of problems, including reduced self-confidence. Many individuals who have missing teeth lack the confidence to smile freely. Implants can give you the boost you need to share your smile with the world.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

You'll need to meet some criteria before Dr. Dan performs the dental implant procedure. For instance, it isn't wise to pay for implants if you aren't willing to care for them (they require similar care as regular teeth.) Also, because implants are inserted deep into the jawline, you must have healthy, strong gums and enough bone in your jawline for the titanium rod support. Sometimes we can perform bone grafts to build the bone enough to install implants.

How Are Dental Implants Performed?

A titanium post is inserted into your jaw bone. The post provides the support for the artificial tooth, which is attached in place. The procedure from start to finish (titanium rod to crown) can be 6 or more months due to allowing the site to heal (especially if your natural tooth had to be removed by Dr. Dan), re-evaluating healing and taking impressions/having the crown fabricated. You should prepare yourself for a variety of steps:

  • First, we must determine whether implants are realistic by performing a physical examination and using digital x-rays to get a sense of the full scope of your needs and dental situation. Dr. Dan will also likely send you for a CT Scan to be sure that implants are possible.
  • If you qualify, we begin by placing the titanium implant in your jawbone. The implant must drive beneath the gum tissue to be effective. Once finished, stitches are placed. Before we can proceed with the next phase, the tissue must heal, which can take several months.
  • Once the gum tissue has healed, you're ready for the next step. At this appointment, an impression is taken of the implant to send to the lab to have the crown made. This fabrication can take 3 or more weeks.
  • At your last appointment, we place the crown. The crown is “screwed” into the titanium post through a hole in the top of the crown and a tiny screw inside. The hole is then covered up with composite (white) filling material.

How To Care for Your New Dental Implants

Once Dr. Dan installs your implant(s), the rest is up to you. Implants must be taken care of the same way as your regular teeth. They can be brushed and flossed in-between as usual. Additionally, follow the cleaning steps Dr. Dan shows you during your final appointment. Finally, regular cleanings are going to become more critical, as we check up on the status of your implants during these visits. Dr. Dan may recommend that you have your teeth cleaned every 3 months following your implant, which, depending on how well they’re cared for at home, may decrease over time. However, having Dr. Dan Dental on your side eases many of the anxieties you might be facing. We're great at communicating what must be done and deliver our services with compassion. This is true of dental implant patients, and it is also true for patients seeking general dentistry, sedation dentistry, tooth whitening, or more. For more information about Dr. Dan Dental, feel free to contact us. You can schedule an appointment and get started on your new smile.